PCP PublicCapitalPartners AG is now gradually implementing its strategic reorientation as a financial services holding company: Sale or partial sale of the subsidiary Adinotec GmbH specialized in road construction technology

Munich, October 23, 2018 – The Management Board of PCP PublicCapitalPartners AG (PCP AG; ISIN: DE000A2DA406), listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, continues to realize the strategic reorientation announced at the Annual General Meeting. For this purpose, and with the approval of the Supervisory Board, it was agreed today to attempt a sale or partial sale of the 100% share in Adinotec GmbH.

The motivation behind this sale or partial sale is the gradual strategic reorientation of PCP AG as a listed financial services holding company. As a provider of innovative application technology in combination with specific materials, Adinotec GmbH focuses on the technology segment in road construction and strategically no longer ideally matches the future core business of PCP AG.

  • – Technical development (Financial Engineering)
  • – Investment management and investment consulting services
  • – Marketing and sales development (Business Development)

The details of the planned sale of Adinotec GmbH and the acquisition of corresponding financial service providers are to be negotiated in the near future.

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