Markus Lehner, founder and principal of LEHNER INVESTMENTS, was invited again to speak at various Family Office Conferences last year.

Some of the most important conferences are the Ritossa Family Office Summits, which take place several times a year in Miami, the Emirates, Monaco and Saudi Arabia. These conferences are one of the world’s most influential gatherings of decision-makers from over 400 family office members, who together have more than USD 4.5 trillion in assets.
Markus Lehner was a participant in panel discussions as well as moderator on topics such as:

  • The benefits of combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in asset management
  • Guidelines and advice for co-investments with the example of LEHNER INVESTMENTS AG
  • Cryptocurrencies managed with AI and how to benefit most from it in the future

Getting to know influential people, gaining up-to-date knowledge, combined with enormous financial power represents the global importance of such conferences and therefore are often more significant than conventional investment conferences.

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