Our innovative investment solutions make intelligent investment decisions based on the combination of big data analytics and artificial intelligence. The basis is the automatic analysis of opinion on more than 45,000 securities. We offer our customers state-of-the-art investment solutions that take full advantage of current technical possibilities and thus function differently than existing products on the market.
LI DATA INTELLIGENCE GERMAN EQUITY is a long-only equity fund and invests in a broad German equity universe. The fully automated investment decisions are based on innovative big data analyses and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The approach is active with an average holding period per stock of approximately one month. The ongoing systematic selection of german stocks based on our big data scores and AI algorithms aims to achieve a higher long-term return than the market broad HDAX with comparable fluctuation (volatility). The fund is always fully invested, which means the net exposure of the fund is always close to 100%. More…
The LI MULTI LEADERS FUND (MLF) is a balanced fund for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon (3 years or more). The basis of the LI Multi Leaders Fund is the “CAPITAL Study” developed by the investment advisor. The aim of this study is to filter out, from the large number of available target funds, those that are actively managed and at the same time successful. The demonstrably best funds form the investment universe of the study winner allocation within the MLF. In addition, innovative fund concepts are mixed in with up to 20% weighting. The fund is protected against price losses with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based hedging component. More…


LEHNER INVESTMENTS as an innovative FinTech company has already received several awards
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