The LI MULTI LEADERS FUND (K.I. OVERLAY) is a balanced fund of funds for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon (3 years or more).

The basis of the LI MULTI LEADERS FUND (MLF) is the “CAPITAL Study” developed by the investment advisor. The aim of this study is to filter out from the large number of available target funds those that are actively managed and at the same time successful. The demonstrably best funds form the investment universe of the study winner allocation within the MLF.

In addition, innovative fund concepts are mixed in with up to 20% weighting.

The fund is protected against price losses with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based hedging component. For this purpose, millions of investor opinions, research reports and news are automatically analyzed online in real time in three different languages and Big Data scores are derived. Trading signals are then generated fully autonomously from the Big Data scores. This allows the MLF’s risk level to be adjusted in a timely manner as market situations change.

This combination of fund selection in combination with innovative AI overlay is unique and delivers quantifiable added value for investors.

Distribution approvals: DE
Appropriation of earnings: Thesaurierend
Currency: EUR
Fiscal year: 01.07.-30.06.
Launch date: 28.03.2013
Redemption price / NAV: 146.00 EUR
Change to previous day: 0.00%
Course date: 22.11.2021
Issue surcharge: 5,00%
Management fee p.a.: 1,74%
Capital management company: Ampega Investment GmbH
Fund advisor for target funds: Greiff Capital Management AG

Annual performance

Indexed performance

Cumulative performance

Current year3.01 %
1 month-0.11 %
3 months0.69 %
1 year3.38 %
3 years17.67 %
5 years24.52 %
Since circulation43.59 %

Monthly performance


  • Active management approach allows selection of particularly promising stocks
  • Flexible investment options within the scope of permissible assets
  • Use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis


  • Market, sector and company-related share price declines
  • Increase in yields or price losses on the bond markets and/or increase in yield premiums for higher-yielding securities
  • Country risk, issuer risk, liquidity risk, counterparty credit risk and default risk
  • Use of derivative financial instruments, if applicable
  • Possible exchange rate risks

Stand: 22.11.2021

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