The first company under the name of LEHNER INVESTMENTS was founded in Vienna in 1990 by Markus Lehner. At that time, he passed the state examination with distinction to become an asset manager, thus laying the foundation for today’s LEHNER INVESTMENTS Group. Due to Markus Lehner’s passion for technology, he has also been involved with artificial intelligence for more than 10 years. Therefore, it was a logical consequence to use this forward-looking technology in the management of LEHNER INVESTMENTS funds years ago.


Die Gruppe von LEHNER INVESTMENTS besteht nur aus Gesellschaften, die sich ausschließlich auf unsere Investment Fonds konzentrieren. LEHNER INVESTMENTS ENGINEERING Ltd entwickelt und kontrolliert sämtliche unserer Fonds, die dann praktisch von LEHNER INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT GmbH mit künstlicher Intelligenz gemanagt werden. Die LEHNER INVESTMENTS SALES AGENCY GmbH bietet exklusiven Service für unsere Partner und dadurch letztlich auch für alle unsere Investoren. Eigentümer dieser drei Gesellschaften ist die LEHNER INVESTMENTS AG und somit sind alle Aktivitäten ausschließlich auf (unsere) Investments Fonds fokussiert.


The group of LEHNER INVESTMENTS consists of companies that concentrate exclusively on our investment funds. LEHNER INVESTMENTS ENGINEERING Ltd develops and controls all our funds, which are then practically managed by LEHNER INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT GmbH with artificial intelligence. LEHNER INVESTMENTS SALES AGENCY GmbH provides exclusive service to our partners and thereby ultimately to all our investors. The owner of these three companies is LEHNER INVESTMENTS AG and therefore all activities are exclusively focused on (our) investment funds.


LEHNER INVESTMENTS AG is the parent company of the entire LEHNER INVESTMENTS Group and a public limited company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that is completely independent of banks and insurance companies. Majority owner and ultimate decision maker to this day is the founder Markus Lehner. Due to this independence from institutional majority shareholders, both the creation and the management of LEHNER INVESTMENTS FUNDS are focused on just one single goal, namely to achieve the best possible profits for our investors in the medium to long term in the right balance of security and return.


LEHNER INVESTMENTS ist durch Büros in Deutschland und Europa, sowie durch unsere mehr als 20 Mitarbeiter, breit aufgestellt und stark präsent. Der operative Hauptsitz unseres Fondsmanagements sowie auch das globale Marketing sind in der Finanzmetropole Frankfurt angesiedelt. Die meisten unserer Mitarbeiter sind schon seit vielen Jahre, mehrere sogar schon seit Jahrzehnten, bei uns aktiv. Sie tragen täglich dazu bei, dass sich nicht nur unsere künstliche Intelligenz laufend weiterentwickelt, sondern LEHNER INVESTMENTS insgesamt seine Position als einer der Marktführer in der Industrie weiter ausbaut.


LEHNER INVESTMENTS is broadly positioned and strongly present through offices in Europe, as well as through our more than 20 employees. The operational headquarters of our fund management as well as the global marketing are located in the financial metropolis Frankfurt. Most of our employees have been with us for many years, several even for decades. Every day, they contribute not only to the continuous development of our artificial intelligence, but also to LEHNER INVESTMENTS’ overall expansion of its position as one of the market leaders in the industry.


“The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet 1987

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