…this also includes crawling enormous amounts of data and information about stocks worldwide in different languages and evaluating them objectively in order to make investment decisions, as well as learning from the results in order to continuously improve further.
At LEHNER INVESTMENTS, we recognized the power in the use of Big Data in combination with Artificial Intelligence years ago and have been successfully applying this significant advance through technology in the investment process of all our investment funds for years.

Founded in 1990 in Vienna by Markus Lehner, since 2015 focused on artificial intelligence.


Financial services provider specialized exclusively in investment funds for over 30 years.


Public group of companies, private majority shareholder, entirely bank and insurance independent. 


Administration in Monaco, management in Munich as well as Frankfurt, with a team of more than 20 people.

from humans
for humans!
We do not invest in but with


Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative technology-based investment solutions. We know that there are things computers can do better than humans. By consistently using Big Data analytics in combination with AI algorithms, we have created a unique investment approach. The main objective of this approach is to provide clients with an attractive risk-return profile and thus achieve attractive returns at moderate risks in all market phases.

Data collection from hundreds of data sources across the web, ranging from traditional editorial content to user-generated content from blog, forum and social media posts (2+ million posts per day).


Automated language processing in three languages (German, English and Chinese) and weighing: “Who says what – to which security” by observing more than 45,000 securities in real time.


Making predictions based on machine learning and aggregated Big Data values and security prices. The AI system is able to systematically change its trading style and behavior.


Execution of trading strategy with high focus on risk management. Our focused trading is fully automated until the final order confirmation.


LEHNER INVESTMENTS as an innovative FinTech company has already received several awards

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